Our Company is actively involved with the furniture industry since 1983 with the scope of research and production of furniture upholstery machines. We cover the needs of every modern furniture manufacturer through a wide range of machines that target to reduce time and cost of the production. We use the finest quality materials to supply the finest quality machines that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Essentially important is the fact that all machines are covered with three years guarantee. Furthermore our accredited operations and research allows us to customize the machine according to the client’s needs. In our website you can access all the information concerning our high quality upholstery machines including technical characteristics. 

Our code of practice is to design and manufacture the prototype and afterwards we put the machine into test for a long period of time to assure that meets our standards of quality and safety. Then we implement final improvements and proceed to production. The manufacturing of the GAT machines hardware parts is a process of high fidelity machinery and treatment of metals and plastic.
Gat Machinery is ranking between the top of the range manufacturers from Greece and Europe. Recent year’s significant rise in sales within and outside Greek borders did not alter our aims and objectives of excellent service and customer satisfaction. We constantly improve our products with the latest technology and we create a valuable knowledge base and technological specialization that allows us to create new products.

We provide consultancy and support and we stand next to our customers needs recommending the most reliable solutions for every problem in the field of furniture upholstery.